I have been taking 2 classes this summer, a 4 week intensive and an 8 week class.  The first 4 weeks were pretty brutal, but now for the last 4 weeks I’m cruzin by with just one class and it has given me free time to knit at last.  I have been madly rushing to… Continue reading Shawl

Current Projects

I have some new yarn that is burning a hole in my closet. I keep looking at it and thinking should it be a new pair of socks for myself or maybe a Christmas present for my sister, but it would also make a cute light weight scarf. However, I currently have 3 projects going… Continue reading Current Projects

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the pet parents out there! We had a relaxing weekend, on my part – spring term just finished and I have a couple weeks before summer classes start.  Leaving nothing for me to worry about except knitting, taking the occasional walk between raindrops (rain is still a weekly occurrence here… Continue reading Father’s Day

9 years ago

9 years ago my sister was living in Aberdeen Scotland attending graduate school, and my grandmother who had always loved traveling wanted to visit her and so I volunteered to take her.  My Granny and I had always been close and this trip across the world helped me gain even more wonderful memories. It was… Continue reading 9 years ago


Its been awhile since I posted last…   Spring has finally arrived in Portland. We are enjoying a few sunny days with warm weather in between our usual rain clouds. I imagine that this will continue until Summer starts July 5th.  But the flowers are blooming which is something that I so very much enjoy.… Continue reading Spring